Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1997 Chevy cavalier 4d, 2.4L, automatic, 213,000+ miles. The car has been making this sound for a while, it makes a grinding noise at every initial acceleration, but after is that it runs fine; I’ve been told is the motor mount or the transmission mount. Which one is the problem and how much would it cost to have fixed?

Also, I’ve had my brake pads replaced and the tech. Let me know that the calipers were sticking, would a good spay of WD-40 do the trick?
July 2, 2007.

Its common thing for the motor mounts to go on Cavaliers, Ive got 01 cavalier, My upper and lower mounts cracked already, I didnt replace them with stock mounts, Cause they were way too expensive, I bought poly mounts, They viberate more, But they saved me $$$$, Plus they add a bit more stiff-ness to my drive-train, Also you can get some aftermarket motor mounts for youre car, Dealer is way to much cash. For the mounts u are looking at $30-$100, Gm dealer $150-$250. Big difference in prices.

Good Luck.

Jul 3, 2007.
I have a 01 Cavalier and when ever I engage the transmission, tap on gas or let off of gas pedal there is a clunking sound. My friend thinks it is a mount. But which one? I have read about upper and lower. The upper one looks fine and the sound is coming from the lower/underneath. Any one have an idea where the mounts are located, I have a haynes manual but I am not good with the pics.


Jul 12, 2007.