1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Hit a curb hard the other day and not the car does not drive right at all, steering wheel is off and when I look at the front tires one is closer to the fender than the other, I took it to a friend and he thinks it is the k frame. Called a junk yard and can pick one up for a 100 bucks. My question is, how hard is the repair if infact it is the kframe? Or could it be something else
August 19, 2007.

I would be inclined to think you bent the control arm.

Sometimes referred as an A-frame. Are we talking the same thing?

Yes I believe it is the same thing. When I compare each front tire to the fenders one is closer to the front and one is almost rubbing the back of the fender.

Aug 20, 2007.
It may be an easy job if you don't run into any problems. How's that for wisdom : shock: : D

Separating the ball joint may be a little difficult, somtimes they pop out and sometimes they are very stubborn. Depending on the condition of the bolts may be difficult to get out also.

With this being bent, it adds a new and unpredictable dimension.

Call the junk yard see what they charge to install, may be worth it.

Also make sure the bushing in the arm are good, I have seen quite a few bushing that go bad on those arms.

IF you go after it, I can get you the spec for torque.