1991 Chevrolet Caprice

1991 Chevy Caprice V8

just purchased a 1991 Chev Caprice. The owner drove it here.I test drove it and it ran good. Turned it off. When I tried to start it in the morning it would not start. Charged the battery. It has a device that you can start the car with. Put new batteries in. Inside the car was a buzzing noise. The car still will not run. What could the problem be
January 4, 2010.

What do you mean, " Has a device you can use to start the car with"? Does the engine turn over, but not start? Or when you turn the key, does nothing happen? And finally, are the rest of your electrical accessories working?

I'll need to know this information before I can attempt to help you. To try without it, I would have to cover waaay too many areas.

Ernest Clark
Jan 11, 2010.