1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Engine Mechanical problem
1967 Chevy Camaro V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 125000 miles

The starter when cold starts fine and without noise. After the car has been driven any length of time at all the starter will spin until it sounds like it hits something solid with a loud clang. If you keep trying to start it it will keep doing the same thing until it sits for 15-30 minutes then starts normal.

I have been told that since I run header without a heat sheild on the starter that could be the culprit.
Besides that I am at a loss.
June 14, 2009.

The heeaders could be causing th starter to get too hot, so that suggestion may be correct. However, if you hear the starter spin, then kick into the flywheel, it sounds like you have a bad solenoid on the starter. NOTE: The heat could be causing the solenoid not to work properly.

Does it always work fine when cold?