Chevrolet Blazer

I own a 1991 chevy S10 blazer 4.3 liter 169'000 miles, I can not get the hot air to blow out. I am wondering if it is the fan switch or the fan. Any help would be appreiciated, Thank you.
Don Ray
February 17, 2007.

Go and open the hood and unplug the blower motor hot wire at the plug of the blower motor located on the passenger side of the car at the firewall. Get yourself a automotive test light (they are cheap) and ground the wire from your test light and put the opposite end to the hot wire going to the blower motor. Make sure your your key is in the on position or have the car running. If the test light lights up you have power going to the blower motor and the fan should be working, if not you have a defective blower motor. If no power at that hot wire it may just be the switch. I have found that the majority of the time the blower motor is bad. If the switch only works on one speed the heater resistor is bad. Hope I answered your question. Good Luck!


Feb 17, 2007.
Is this a hard job to replace the blower motor or would we have to take it to the mechanic if I can do it what would be the steps

Jun 10, 2007.