1992 Chevrolet Astro

Engine Mechanical problem
1992 Chevy Astro 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 180000 miles

hi, my van would not restart after long drive, cranks but no fuel pump noise, diconnected battery[tip I was told ] waited 30 min then rehooked then it started, 2 days later happened again so tried proceedure that seemed to work but nothing, after an hour it started again, I was told it was relay, last summer I had crankshaft sensor give me similar problem, any idea?Thanks, casimer
June 19, 2008.

When it refuses to start-you need to check for fuel and spark then comeback and tell us what's missing-

Could be CPS problem again-if the computer don't see the CPS signal it will not tell the ignition control module to fire the coil.

Jun 19, 2008.