2003 Cadillac SLS

Brakes problem
2003 Cadillac SLS V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 55,000 miles

The ABS, brake and torsion warning lights stays on and as a result my seat heater, rear defogger, temp
control will not work. After awhile, the lights will turn offf and everything will work fine. My brakes were changed about 5000 miles ago and since then this problem has acted up. Can you help me. Thanks
I had the brakes checked and everything is O.K. However the mechanic says that there must be a module not communicating with each other to turn off the warning lights. Now when the A/C is supposed to turn on I get nothing but more heat coming out of the vents. Any help?
December 18, 2008.

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If the problems occured soon after the brake replacement, you might need to talk to the mechanic about it.

If this doesn't help, or they want to charge you more money to check it out, then I would suggest checking the wheel speed sensors located one at each wheel. At each wheel hub, there is a counter that " looks" at the spindle collar and " counts" the spaces and compares each wheel. If one is much slower when the brakes are applied, the system will interrupt the flow of fluid to the caliper causing the brakes to stop actuating so the wheel will not " skid" or " lock-up".

Grime on the sensor or the collar can cause the system to think it is in need of repair, therefore causing the warning lights to illuminate.

Hope this helps.
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