2000 Cadillac SLS

Transmission problem
2000 Cadillac SLS V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 111807 miles

After having Knock Sensor replaced due to code P0327 and getting the same trouble display, it was determine that I needed a transmission replacement due to code P0741. Took car to another shop for a second opinion and they read the same code and said that the transmission fluid had a burned smell and was dark in color. Decided to have the transmission replaced. After replacement, the " SERVICE ENGINE SOON" trouble display came on again after a hard acceleration. Took it back to the cadillac dealer who replaced the transmission and they read code P0101 and found that the Sound Deadner had come loose. Noted and suggested that the cause may be due to a broken front motor mount. Had that replaced with an OEM part. Recently did a hard acceleration and sure enough the SES message came on.
My question is. Am I being led down an expensive path of gullability due to incompetence or misdiagnosis and how can I ensure that I'm not paying for a mechanic's OJT. My thought, at this point, is to get the Service Manager involved. As you are aware, a customer cannot go into the service area due to insurance restrictions and most people do not have a lift in their garage.
What are your suggestions? I'm bleeding money every time I take this beast in and it is getting to be an almost weekly ocurrance. I can't afford to get rid of it, at this time, and I NEED a car.
January 2, 2010.

First of all, you probably did not need to replace transmission. P0741 indicates leakage in the torque converter clutch circuit. It is not a cheap repair, but cheaper than replacement. Not real sure how the sound deadener, and a p0101 have something in common. Is the sound deadener the underhood insulation? I am not 100% certain, but I think there is a PCM calibration to address P0101, and P0327. I would need the last 8 of your vin to be sure. If you have not involved the service manager thus far, I would strongly recommend voicing your concern. This type of stuff may be going on under the radar, and you will know after bringing him/her into the picture, what the real service department philosophy is.

Jan 2, 2010.
Thanks for the response. I'm not sure about the P0101 code and the sound deadner either. However, there was no charge for that correction so I suspect that it was something they did in replacing the transmission. The history is that each time I take the car in for anything other than an oil change, I have to take it back for them to correct a problem caused by them. This is the dealership, and they wonder why they're losing their market share.
To followup on my recent problem of the SES message. I started to take the car in for diagnosis and as I backed out of my garage, the message went away. The event occurred on 12/31/09 and went out on 1/4/10. I use Chevron Supreme and I don't fill up when the station is being refilled. I realize, of course, that it could have been refilled just prior. The point is that I try to be careful where and how I add gas. Anyway, with no message, I understand that the code is cleared from memory. Do you know of any way to run a diagnostic on the central processor? Those devices do have their issues some times.
By the way, I appreciate your advice and would like to donate, however, I just terminated all of my credit cards until this new change is in place an understood. If it isn't to my liking I will not reactivate them. So is there any other way that I can send a donation?
The last 8 of my vin are YU146866.

Jan 7, 2010.
I was incorrect. The last 8 of the vin is required for most things, it does not work for checking for calibrations. If you can get me the complete, I am at work right now and I can get the info. I tried to fabricate one that would work, but it didn't work.

Jan 7, 2010.