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I have a 2005 cadillac cts with 24,000 miles. I recently ran over a curb and damaged the gas tank underneath. There is a small hole that gas was leaking out. The leaking has stopped. I was told that it could be a few thousand dollars to replace the gas tank. The damage is a small slit, the tank still holds gas and does not leak unless completely full. Is there a way to repair by sealing or some sort of sealer or caulking as to avoid huge repair costs? Also is there a danger in driving the car with damage to the gas tank?
November 11, 2007.

Hi there,

If it was my car, I would not drive it untill it was fixed, Have a chat to a radiator repair shop, they may have a line on compatible epoxy resigns that can be used for this repair, don't just use any old sealant, make sure it is approved for fuel and make sure that it is legal in your state to do this type of repair in the first place.

Mark (mhpautos)

Nov 11, 2007.
The check engine light will be on also due to evap leaks, if you have full coverage ins may cover road damage, might want to look into it

Nov 15, 2007.