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Been havin this problem for months now. No codes.
no check engin light. Car starts out with a very low idle when started somtimes hafta hit the gas or it will just stall back out. Once running in park will always stay running. But leaves off a bad odder that kinda smell like pb blaster? Next a lot of the time while driving, car stalls out when I leave off the gas such as to turn at an intersection, or simply just costing thro town at about idle speed.
it is 92 eldorado w/about 80k miles an in great shape other than this prob. 4.6 front wheel drive.
September 9, 2007.

Might want to clean out the throttle body/plate/shaft, and also the IACV or idle speed device. Check the correct voltage of the TPS at Idle and WOT.

Sep 10, 2007.