1993 Cadillac El Dorado

Suspension problem
1993 Cadillac El Dorado V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 107000 miles

Hi folks, I hope this isn't a silly questions. I have tensioners on the top of my 93 Eldo ETC N*, that look like dog bones that I've just changed and before I bolt them in, I would like to change the two motor mounts that I see underneath the motor. Can anyone please tell me where to place the jack underneath the motor, once I have it on jack stands, so I can safely raise the motor without bending anything up? Or better yet, give me the correct procedure for changing them.

Thanks, USAF airman
June 9, 2009.

You are talking of the rh mount at the trans, and the front center engine mount. If you place a block of wood on the jack, and lift on the trans pan near the mount you should be able to lift enough to clear the studs. The front engine mount is another story, it typically comes out with the bracket. Often times it takes a combination of lowering the front of the frame, and raising the engine with a jack and block of wood on the oil pan, just don't apply excessive force. You should have two bolts above the exhaust manifold that hold the bracket, and a nut/stud combination at the lower part. The studs need to come out as well. There is also a brace that goes from the trans end stud to the trans case, I believe. It has been awhile since I saw a 93. It requires some twisting and manipulating, and the top of the bracket is usually what comes out first.

Jun 9, 2009.
Thank you every so much gstacy. I just redeployed back to the states from Iraq and I'm just swamped with things to fix. Thank you for saving me so much in labor costs, I would've had to wait forever to afford the work. For clarification, I mainly want to change the mount that sits right between my oil filter and the exhaust pipe (see pic if it works). It has two stud bolts on the bottom and two bolts going into the side of the oil pan or immed. above, and the bracket then extend up towards the top of the motor. Can I place the jack and block of wood on the black steel place that covers the exhaust pipe or extend the 2x4 all the way across the trans pan and oil pan. Also, can I remove the stub bolts on (both) mounts and then raise the motor to get to the top bolts on the mount bracket that's extends up, which is next to the oil filter? OMG, bless you so much for your help. I will follow a like procedure to replace the other one.


Jun 9, 2009.
The mount and bracket are going to come out together, and the mount can the be replaced. Remove the two front subframe bolts and lower the frame. Remove the mount to frame nuts, remove the nuts and studs that attach the lower bracket to the crankcase, and with a long extension and a wobbly socket, you can get the 15mm upper bolts. If you don't have the tools mentioned, you can loosen and/or remove the cooling fan and get a wrench or something on them, you won't be able to raise it enough. You can lift in that area, but use a block of wood to spread the load. The bracket will rotate toward the trans and out the opening between frame and body, the upper part of the bracket should come out first, and then gain space to remove the entire piece. Watch for the ride height sensor links attached to the lower control arms, as you lower the frame they can come apart, just disconnect them. You can lower the frame and let it hang without a problem. Hope it works.

Jun 10, 2009.