1998 Cadillac Catera

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Cadillac Catera 6 cyl Automatic 100000 miles

Hello Their, I am having a difficult time trying to see where the oil is spilling from my 98 catera. The motor oil which I assume is seen on tray, or bottom base of the engine it is also seen under near the transmission with heavy residue. When the car has been running for about 2 to 4 minutes smoke starts to become present. The smoke seems to be coming from each side(left and right) of the lower midsection of the engine. It is white smoke. I Changed The head gaskets which may seemed to be the issue of smoke present before, but was not the case. I also re checked to see if I might have put the head gaskets on incorrectly but I re-checked and no sign of oil was present which seems like I solved one the issues, but not of the oil being spilt on the ground/smoke visible. The oil spills right on the ground which seems to be coming somewhere from the bottom section of the engine/ transmission as I sated before. A squeezing/spilling/dripping noise from oil falling to the ground is also heard and visible when the car is either in idle or stopped after being run for about 2-3 minutes.
July 9, 2010.

Without viewing, I can only suggest locations. If it is leaking under pressure, or when running, you have oil cooler lines that attach by the oil filter(housing). The lines also run under the intake and attach to the heat exchanger with banjo fittings and washers.

Jul 9, 2010.
Thank you for your response, what other suggestions could you give me for oil leaks comming from underneath vehicles of this kind/ or in general?

Jul 12, 2010.
In general, if it leaks most severely when running, it is a leak from a pressure source. Possibilities include an external oil pump, rear oil seal, oil pressure sender, or cooler lines. If it is seeping while sitting, it could be the result of a pressurized leak, or just a seal leak. Then it would be recommended to check what is situated highest. There is a probability that your Catera has leaking valve cover gaskets, it is common. One way to check is pulling spark plug wires(ignition coils), and if the plug ports are filled with oil, it is coming from the valve covers most likely. Otherwise, a visual inspection can usually determine a source. There are other methods that would included cleaning a suspect area, or adding tracer dye and using an ultraviolet light. This works as long as there are not multiple fluid leaks, and dye is added to multiple fluids.

Jul 14, 2010.