Buick Lesabre

Buick Lesabre, FWD, '91
My A/C seized up on me today...
My engine started smoking up suddenly, and when I popped the hood, the A/C compressor was smoking out of all the seams. I have two questions regarding this.
1. Can I drive it home in this condition? It's about ten miles away, in a random parking lot. Will this mess up my belt?
2. Can I bypas the compressor with a smaller belt? I fear this might not allow enough tension on the water pump.

October 3, 2007.

Driving it will cause damage!A smaller belt would work, but will be very difficult to get the correct size. An A/C bypass pulley would work also.

Oct 3, 2007.
Do not drive it with the belt around the compressor. It will just burn up the belt. You can put a smaller belt on. Use a string and put it on the pulleys like a belt bypassing the pump. Take the string to any Auto Zone and they will give you the belt you need. Be sure to add about an inch or so to the length for the belt tensioner.

Nov 8, 2007.
Using a string around the pulleys won't get you the correct size belt, because there is an automatic tensioner. You would have to have the measurement done with the tensioner " loaded".

Nov 9, 2007.