1989 Buick Lesabre

Steering problem
1989 Buick Lesabre Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I need instructions to put in a new ignition switch
March 16, 2010.

Steering column must be lowered (removed on some models) to gain access to ignition switch. Steering wheel removal is not required. Place lock cylinder in " OFF" position.
If lock cylinder has already been removed, pull actuator rod up until it stops. Back off actuator rod 2 detents. Remove switch retaining screw and stud. Lift switch from column. Detach actuator rod.
Place lock cylinder in " OFF" position. Place switch in " OFF" position by moving selector to top of switch and then backing off 2 detents.
On fixed columns, fit actuator rod into slider hole. Install switch onto steering column. Tighten attaching stud and screw.
On tilt or telescoping columns, install switch. Lightly push switch down on column to take up free play in actuator rod. Tighten attaching stud and screw. Connect wiring harness. Check operation of ignition switch.

Dave H
Mar 17, 2010.