2001 Buick Century

Engine Cooling problem
2001 Buick Century 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 30000 miles

Low Coolant Sensor giving false readings because of intake gasket leak. I've had the gasket replaced but the Sensor is still acting up, showing Low Coolant when the coolant is not low. Moreover the Low Coolant light usually goes off once the engine has warmed up after three or four miles of driving.

My question is are the Low Coolant Sensor and the Engine Temperature gauge connected? Can I ignore the low coolant light and use the engine temperature gauge to determine when my engine is truly low on coolant and overheating.

February 23, 2008.

Hi. Came across your message about the low coolant sensor. I have a 2001 Buick Century with the same problem. Low Coolant light comes on even when coolant is not low.

If you've found the answer I'd appreciate knowing what it is.


johnandjanet@gmail. Com

Apr 12, 2008.
Try removing the lowcoolant sensor from the reservoir bottle and cleaning it.
If that doesn't work, replace the sensor.

Apr 12, 2008.
I had the same problem shortly after correcting a lower intake manifold leak that had allowed oil to enter the coolant. The oil apparently fouled the sensor. I can't remember if I tried to clean it or not, but I do know that I ulitmately replaced it and the problem went away for good.

The sensor is on the passnger side of the radiator below the radiator cap. It is black and square and has a single plug at the bottom. It is held onto the radiator by a metal retaining clip. Remove the clip and the sensor pulls out of the radiator. Disconnect the wire by pulling carefully on the plastic lock and pull on the plug. Fluid will leak out to level of sensor. Drain or place catch basin below sensor plug to catch radiator fluid.

I ordered my replacement part from E-bay.

Mar 11, 2009.