1986 BMW 535

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1986 BMW 535 V6 Two Wheel Drive Manual 67,000 miles

I recently purchased the above mentioned vehicle. A leak has developed and I have to add fluid to the reservoir for the power steering and brake hydraulics. Firstly, I was instructed to top off with transmission fluid. Is this correct? Secondly, what may be the source of this condition. I have been getting conflicting diagnosis's. Also, if replacement of a part is required, what would you suggest; new, re- manufactured or possibly a rebuilding kit?
December 1, 2007.

In the brake master cylinder, NOTHING BUT DOT 3 BRAKE FLUID! No power steering fluid here! Or you will be changing all parts made of rubber!
Power steering pump, use either the tranny fluid or buy power steering fluid, both are the same wieght!
Find the leaky part b4 you start replacing things, usually the hoses go b4 the pump!

Dec 1, 2007.
The leak is from the power brake booster unit and can be confirmed by inspecting the booster at the weep hole at the bottom of the booster, it is between the brake master cylinder and the firewall. Look for fluid seeping from the booster. Replace with new parts and they can be sourced from realoem. Com or BMWPARTSONLY. COM if you want to get them online.
The part # is 34-33-1-156-925
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Dr. Hagerty
Dec 1, 2007.