BMW 525

I have a 1992 525I e34 with an M50 engine and some 239760 miles on it. I have replaced several A/C system parts such as R-134 conversion, Receiver-drier, and compressor. I have yet to replace the expansion valve, but I can not locate this part under the hood. I have removed practically everything infront of the motor to nought. After I replaced everything and started driving the car, I read from some website that this thing is usually attached to the firewall. Can you tell me exactly where it is located before I begin to dismantle parts in my car for another time?

I would really appreciate your enlightening.
August 26, 2007.

Hi there,

I fairly sure that the TX (thermal expansion valve) is up under the dash on that model, but why do you want to change it? It is not something that you change for no reason, if the system is not working, you should have a tech check it out, pressure readings will determine if the TX valve is faulty if so then look at replacing it, but I think that it is not a quick job to do, I may be wrong but you may be looking at quite a few hrs work to access it.

Mark (mhpautos)

Aug 27, 2007.
The expansion valve is inside the evaporator case! It's changed with the evap core! If you go that far.

Aug 27, 2007.