525I , 45,000 AC NOT BLOWING

2003 BMW 525

Hey there, I am a female trying to repair my car. When I turn the ac on I can here the engine shift but no air blowing. The first thing I did was check all the fuses in the glove box and trunk. They are working great. I popped open the hood and found the ac hose. It is very cold to touch could there be a clog, what am I doing wrong? Please help. Thank you. : Roll:
September 7, 2007.

An '03 with 45k miles should still be under warranty.
If so, take it to the dealer.
If not then then fan motor or the final stage (the module that controls the fan speed) is faulty.
My guess is the final stage has failed, they fail all the time.
The final stage is a dealer only part and is located behind and below the glove box

Dr. Hagerty
Sep 7, 2007.