2001 Audi Quattro

Noises problem
2001 Audi Quattro 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Manual 130000 miles

Having just spent $7000 to put in a new engine, I'm almost sick asking this question!

So out of the blue my Audi TT started making a noise initially in just 1st gear, now in second too. I wish I could explain the sound, but it's like a grinding/rubbing/vibration sound (NOT IN THE SHIFTER. Everything shifts just fine). It only happens right at the beginning of the gears after I've let the clutch out. But after I've accelerated just a bit, it stops. The sound changes each time a bit. Maybe because I rev differently? If I rev a little more than usual before I let the clutch out, it doesn't make the sound. There is no slipping. No jerking. Just this kind of loud grinding like sound at the very beginning of first and second gear after the clutch is out.

TELL ME IT'S INEXPENSIVE OR THAT I CAN JUST DRIVE IT LIKE IT IS. For a long while. I'm out of money to spend on this car!



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May 19, 2009.

Sorry Loot Bug, you have failed to mention if you've checked the oil in the transmission? That would be critical. And I have some other ideas, first of all let me know if the oil is full.

Dr Loot
May 24, 2009.