2002 Audi A4

Engine Cooling problem
2002 Audi A4 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 104000 miles

My Audi's temp starts climbing when I'm at idle, but it never goes all the way up (around 3/4). As I start to drive, the temp slowly goes back to normal. I can also rev it up, while in neutral, and it will go back to normal. The waterpump and thermostat were replaced less than a year ago, but just to make sure, I replaced the thermostat and the waterpump looked good. Nothing. I replaced the radiator. Nothing. I checked the fan and fan relay. They both work fine. I'm not sure if this problem was related to only getting heat through my cabin vents at high speeds (freeway), so I bypassed the heater core. Still the same problems. The coolant level remains full so no cracks or leaks in the resevoir tank. My mechanic and I are stumped. Any help or ideas are appreciated. Thanks!
October 27, 2010.

Has he checked the headgasket? Also, if I recall, there are two pumps on your vehicle. There is a primary and an aux pump. Have both been checked?

What fixed this problem as I am having and identical issue. This issue has only come up after I replaced the water pump and timing belt?

Jul 5, 2012.
Are you sure you bled all the air out?

Did you remove the whole front end of the vehicle to gain access to
timing belt etc? Or did you just move the radiator into "service

If you removed everything, make sure you re-attached everything.

My bet is on air in the system.


Jul 5, 2012.
Robsturgill, check for coolant flow. Your vehicle appears to have 2 pumps. Were both replaced? Was the coolant rusty when you replaced the pump? If so, you should power flush the system.

Jul 29, 2012.