2001 Acura TL

Engine Performance problem
2001 Acura TL 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 126000 miles

Hello I have a 2001 Acura Tl and after I have driven it for awhile then let it sit for an hour or so or sometimes just shutting it off then starting it back up, it will run a bit rough so in order to straighten it up I have to rev the engine up to get it to smooth back up and sometimes it throws a code. I have taken it to autozone and had them run a diagnostic on it and it comes up with cylinder 1 and 2 misfire. It doesn't do this that often but when it does the check engine light will come on but will shut of pretty quickly after coming on Thanks for any help ; )
November 5, 2010.


Misfiring can be due to the ignition, fuel system or engine mechanicals.

Most common would be the ignition system concerning the spark plugs and related parts. Have them checked and repair as necessary.

If it is fuel related, it could be the injectors or fuel pressure.

Do you have any overheating or coolant losses issues?

Nov 5, 2010.
HI, no I have no issues with overheating or any of the such so I think I have ruled out any head gasket issue. I bought the car when it had 108,000k, and in the maintenance records I have found no reciepts for a tune up so I am going to try to do a tune-up anyway since it probably needs one and see if that fixes the issue then I will go from there if not. Thanks for your help KHLow2008

Nov 5, 2010.