1999 Acura RL

Electrical problem
1999 Acura RL 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive 170000 miles

Ok. So heres how it all is going down. Its very cold here past few weeks. But after driving around and warming up the car, the speedometer would start being all jumping all over randomly, after a while of that. The D4 lite (drive 4) would start flashing, the ABS and TCS lites would come on, indicating that they are turned off.I could still drive normally at this time. About 2-3weeks of this happening. Now whenever the speedometer starts to get jumpy, if I step on the gas a bit. The car will stall at like 2000 rpm for 3-5 seconds. Then it would accelerate normally and sometimes go back to 2000rpm and stall.(Stalls like how if u were driving a manual car and u were in 5th gear going 25mph trying to accelerate). After even longer of driving with the crazy speedometer, flashing d4 lite, tcs and abs lites on. The speedometer will just die and then the accelerating problem goes away with the lites all still on.

Sounds like alot is going on here. Need some help or info plz.
February 12, 2009.

Sir-You need to have the computer scanned for OBD2 code/s this is your starting point of diagnosis.

Feb 12, 2009.
Ok.I got 3 codes.
#1 countershaft speed senor circuit fault
#2 vehicle speed sensor (vss) fault
#3 catalyst efficiency low-bank 1

Those sound like it would affect whats going on?

Feb 12, 2009.
Inspect and test the vehicle speed sensor on lower right of engine see item no.18

Feb 13, 2009.