1998 Acura RL

Electrical problem
1998 Acura RL 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 96000 miles

Just took over this car from my husband, before that it was my mother in laws. Great car. Check engine light comes on after several services. Automatic fail for inspection in NC, where we live now. Every mechanic cleans the carbon build up and then replaces parts one by one. Have spent thousands on it by now. O2 valve, etc. All replaced. Comes on after a week or two no matter what.
Any advice? Dealer? Private mechanic?
June 16, 2009.

CEL being on get the computer scanned for code/s this is your starting point and identify the problem within the engine management system. Autozone can read the code/s for free and then go from there.

Jun 16, 2009.
Did this and the same code came up that has been fixed for the last couple of years. P1457 and P0401. And ideas? TAkes 100 bucks every time to do a eval. And then the light comes back on after 100 miles or less.

Jun 22, 2009.
Get the EGR valve clean out and tested

Jun 22, 2009.