1991 Acura Integra

1991 Acura Integra 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 170000 miles

My '91 Integra was recently damaged by flood water. I was driving through a deep puddle when she stalled out and died. I changed the spark plugs and changed the oil, and the car was able to start. The problem is, it runs a little shakey, and only for a short while. I know there are more than a few problems that may be causing this, but any help is apperciated
June 16, 2008.

Hi there,

you should have a scan done and check for any fault codes, this will give you an indication as to where any problems may lie. Start here.

Mark (mhpautos)

Jun 17, 2008.
Hi goatis00,

Check for water in distributor cap.

If idliing is poor, do a compression test, you might have bent con rod if too much water had been sucked into the cylinders.

Jun 20, 2008.