1995 Acura Integra

Electrical problem
1995 Acura Integra 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 150000 miles

My acg fuse keeps blowing in the car. It has an engine swap in it and the wiring harness is kinda jacked up. It was like that when I bought it. But I'm wondering if my alternator is bad or maybe if there is an open wire causing a short. Help!
November 6, 2010.

Hi Franknelson,

Thank you for the donation.

Is the fuse box similar to the one in the diagram?
Which numbered fuse is blowing?
Dose the fuse blow immediately upon replacing or does it blow intermittently?

Nov 7, 2010.
I'm sorry but I don't see a diagram. It just shows little diamonds. But I know for a fact it is the acg fuses. According to my fuse panel it is the acg fuses. I have 2 of them. I can unplug the large wire in the fusebox under the hood going to the alternator and it'll start right up. It blows immediately after I turn the key on with new fuses installed when I have that large wire plugged up still. So I'm assuming it's an issue with the alternator or the wiring going to it.

Nov 7, 2010.
Sorry for the delay in responding. Somehow I did not receive any notification.

Sorry for missing out on the diagram.

I need to know the exact fuse so I can get the necessary information pertaining to the fuse.

Nov 11, 2010.