1994 Honda Accord • 132,200 miles

Ok my compressor clutch would not turn on so I ran a jump wire to it and it fired right up, also checked freon with gauge and it read fine cold air began to flow. Soon as I took off jump wire it turned right back off. Also I have noticed my compressor fan would come on when I hit the a/c switch(when a/c still would not come on), now I can hit the a/c button as many times as I want and fan does not come on. Also I have noticed the cooling fan will not come on. I've ran jump wires to both and they both run fine so I know its not the motors that are bad. I changed out thermostat and coolant temp sensor and still nothing.I have checked relays and they click when jumped and I have checked fuses to the best of my knowledge and they seem fine. Can u please help me
June 1, 2013.

Seems like a fault with the A/C clutch relay. Relays clicking does not necessarily mean they are good. The coil for working the relay is good but the contacts for power transfer to the clutch relay could be bad. Try swapping the relays first.

Jun 2, 2013.
Reply from Secondfret via e-mail: Ok I check each relay with a light up checker and they both click and light up my light. So I got curious and checked for power to the switch that goes to the relay and nothing. Turned on the car and still nothing so I piled off the relay to the other plug and checked it and it had power to I pulled the plug for the fan on the same side, same wiring harness and nothing. Do u think my harness went out or do u think the problem is the a/c button it's self. It lights up when pressed but I was reading something about right behind the button is some sort of another relay do u think that could have burned out

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Jun 2, 2013.
When ignition is turned on, power to the rrelay should be available when A/C switch is operated. If you are not getting power from the switch, test the switch, if power goes in and does not come out, the switch is bad.

Jun 3, 2013.