2012 Kia Sorento • 2,000 miles

My brand new car makes a rythmic, almost like someones bass, when completely stopped. It only happens sometimes and there is no rhyme or reason to when it does it. Sometimes does it when hard braking or soft braking, sometimes it happens after sitting at a red light for 4 or 5 seconds. As soon as I accelerate it goes away. I can change gears and it continues but as soon as I press on gas it goes away. Of course when I take it to dealer it doesn't do it but sometimes it does it at every stop sign and red light I hit and sometimes it can go 3 days without doing it.
October 5, 2011.

First, make sure you have documented it with your dealer. These problems seem to be hard to find and usually go bad after the warranty expires.

Can you tell me aprox where the sound is coming from? Does it only happen when stopped or does it happen when you are moving when you hit the brakes? Does it make the noise when you are moving and not using the brakes?

It could be a few things. The first thing that comes to mind are the motor mounts. They have a rubber insert that deteriorates and sllows the engine to move father than it should and the mount can have a metal to metal contact in it that can make noise from the common vibrations a motor makes. The motor will lift and drop making the noise.
The way to check this is to inspect the motor mounts for the condition of the rubber that isolates the shock and vibrations.
Worn out suspension bushings can do the same thing, but are not as likely since you are sitting still.

Here is a link that covers all of the mlost likely posibilities including the motor mounts.

Sorry everyone. I had the post open toolong to have the notice that Jacobandnickolas had the question and were at work answering it.
We strive to answer are customers ASAP, and jacobandnickolas are fast and thorough.
They came up with documenting the problem with the dealership. That is crucial. Keep the paperwork and if you have time, complain about it again and agin and at other dealerships if possible.
You are in good hands.

Glad you joined in. Two heads are better than one.

Thanks for the help. I think the sound is coming from the back and definitely underneath the car but I can't isolate it. You can't "feel" the sound but you can hear it. Today while I was rolling into my parking spot I heard the same sound. It happens sporadically and I can't replicate it. Because it was Rhytmic I thought it might be something will hydraulic that is sticking

Oct 5, 2011.
1 more thing. Last night when I shut it off it keept making the sound. A lot faster but still rhythmic faint clunk from sounded like the rear passenger wheel well.

Oct 5, 2011.
Could it be coming from the fuel pump?

Just to add to this one I know this sounds crazy but what about the vent solenoid?They said wheel well area is the gas cap on the passenger side?

Oct 5, 2011.
That is a good point.

I was wondering if you had your brake problem resolved? I am hearing the same sound on my new Sorento(500 miles) and have a rear passenger say that they can feel the rythmic bumping. The sound is definitely coming from the rear.

Jan 2, 2012.