2008 Nissan Tiida • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual • 73,000 miles

My nissan tiida 2008 with 73000km on the clock clutch failed, the pedal went straight to the floor, the garage now wants to fit a whole new clutch at R9300, is this normal, can repairs not be carried out on the existing clutch.
Jeff pit
April 8, 2011.

When the clutch goes out its best to change the whole set (clutch, presure plate and bearing).

However, check with Nissan, there might be some warranty left on the clutch.

Also, try bleeding the clutch (its an hydraulic system) the system develops an leak the pedal will go to the floor (kinda like what you described).

Apr 8, 2011.
Clutches are a wear and tear item and its lifespan depends on usage so I doubt you can get any warranty for it with such mileage.

Jul 6, 2011.