2008 Honda City • 107,000 miles

Hi. My Honda City 2008 started consuming oil few months back. As per Honda Owner's manual, the engine oil can be consumed during normal operation. But I was worried so I kept having different opinions/suggestions. Now few days back one technician at Authorized Honda outlet has told me that one of the piston ring is a bit weak. He pulled out all 4 spark plugs and 3 of those were in perfect condition while one had some carbon contents with a bit of oil. He said piston ring at cylinder 2 is a bit weak. Please tell me what to do?

1)Should I go for ring replacement?
2) Should I go for a complete overhauling?
3) Should I go for change of engine (assembly)?

Option 2 and 3 doesnt click to me as car is having no problem what so ever. Fuel Consumption is exceptional. Engine power doesnt appear to have droped. Engine sound is very much satisfactory, rather soundless engine.

Few details I would like to add here
The car has never been run on CNG only on Petrol
There is no smoke from Exhaust pipe
There isnt any trace of Oil contents in exhaust pipe or Air Filter passage
November 30, 2012.

How much oil do you use?


Nov 30, 2012.
I use Honda Genuine Oil.10W30. It comes in a packing of 3.7 litres. The car is consuming 1litre approximately every 1000kms. Its normal as per my Owner's manual. But oil on tip of spark plug isnt. Right?

Its an L Series Honda Engine.L12A to be precise. Can it have only ring replacement?

Dec 5, 2012.