2007 Toyota Avensis • 120,000 miles

My Avensis is s petrol auto. And has a very erratic idle. Especially when the climate control is on. The dealer assured me it was the throttle body which they replaced. But the problem persists, the idling normalises when the climate control is switched off and is worse when opperating hot. What else can this be as I am spending alot of money on something that they cannot seem to put their finger on the problem. Can you give some advice?
March 7, 2013.

We do not have any information on your vehicle so I am not sure which engine you have.

I believe it is equipped with VVT, have its solenoid checked, clean it and its port of any slugdr if any found retest. When problem occurs, lightly tap the solenoid with a rod or small mallet, do not use force. If the idling stabilises suddenly, the solenoid is bad and sticking intermittently, which might not trigger any trouble codes.

If VVT solenoid is not the cause, check the valve clearance and adjust if necessary.

Was the throttle body replaced by the dealer with a new part complete with IAC?

Mar 7, 2013.