2007 Scion tC • 40,000 miles

I am buying a used 05-10 scion tc and I want to make some major aftermarket additions in preformance and asthetics. Doese this plan sound possible and will the car even run with all of these additions. I am most worried about the turbo and preventing engine knoking and othe problems.

1. TC 2AZFE Bolt On Directly 05+ : $620
2. DC Sports Exhaust System: $384.95
3. AFe Pro 5 R Oiled Stage 2 Intake System: $205.00
4: tC AEM Water Methanol Injection Kit 1 gallon: $395
5. Extreme Dimensions FAB Body Kit: $400

total: $2,004
August 5, 2011.

This site is really about repair to standard products. Not modifications and their CONSEQUENCES? Best to seek out a performance site or car specific mod forum for answers.

Oct 20, 2011.