2007 Scion tC • 75 miles

A mechanic did a valve adjustment and changed all the tappets in my engine. Less than a week later I hear a terrible sound from the engine. Now the same mechanic is telling me I need a new engine. Should he have known that while working on my engine the first time?
October 3, 2012.

A week after? I assume it was ok for that week which meant he had no reason to suspect anything failing.

What did he say is wrong? Ask him to be specific


There was really no difference in the vehicle before/after repair. That was disappointing. He said bottom engine noise, also asked if I ran it without oil. I said no way.I change my oil religiously and it always has oil.

Oct 3, 2012.
Ok, you should have never accepted the vehicle back with the same noise. He should never have given to you either.

Did you ask him the exact failure? What mileage? I doubt he did it, the motor had a issue when you gave it to him. You should not be responsible for the repair that did not work