2007 Mazda 121 • 14,000 miles

Help! My Mazda 2 Capella Semi-Automatic just came to a stop without any warning. The lights still worked but the engine wouldn't turn over. We had the car towed to the Mazda main garage. They found a corroded pin which they drilled out and said that was the problem.

We collected the car and drove it back - some 20 miles or so. I took it out a few days later and after 3 miles it died again. Exactly the same scenario as before. We had the car towed back to the main garage again.

Their mechanic put in some plug and somehow managed to start the car and took it for a run and the car died on him to. They then did some diagnostic tests which always came up with different readings. The mechanic has been in touch with the top mechanic at head office who has told him to do certain tests, which he has done to no avail.

The car is 5 years old has done 14,000 miles, has had 1 previous owner and has only been used for local journeys.

We have heard from various people who have had a similar problem with other automatics - not to be confused with the Mazda semi automatic which has a different transmission - that the chip had gone and had to be replaced. Would this be the case here?

The mechanic is now talking about replacing the control panel but we are not convinced this is going to make any difference. Are we correct in this assumption?

The garage has had the car since the 16th March 2012 and we are getting quite desperate.

I do hope there is some one who can help or has heard of this problem and has the solution.
March 29, 2012.

Does it start back up immediately when it dies out?

Mar 29, 2012.
No. It had to be towed to the garage.

Mar 29, 2012.