2007 GMC Envoy • 121,000 miles

My husband accidently poured power steering fluid in with the brake fluid on my 2007 envoy gmc. The dealer said that I would have replace the entire braking system. Which will cost $3000. Is that correct? Are or there others things that could be done.
January 25, 2013.

Yes, that usually is correct, especially if he drove it afterwards. Even a teaspoon of oil will contaminate the brake system and ruin everything that is made of rubber. It really depends on how much it was driven as to whether the ABS unit would have to be replaced though. I have done a few without replacing the ABS unit but if it was driven a lot, it may have gotten that also. The problem is that if you leave anything contaminated in there, it will re-contaminate the new parts again.

Jan 25, 2013.
If the vehicle was driven after the fluid was added, it should be done. If you never touched the brakes, you MAY be able to get away with just flushing the master cylinder.