2007 Dodge Ram • 114,000 miles

Grinding from front end when turning. More when turning right than left. Driver side tire seems loose.(Not a lot of play in tire, lug nuts are tight) I believe I need new bearings in driver side wheel. Passenger cv axel seems to be loose near transfer case. It is looser than driver side cv axel. Not sure how loose or tight cv axel should be. Axel boots are not damaged. Could this be causing the noise. If not what do you think it may be. Thanks
September 29, 2013.

Are you sure the brakes are not worn? As far as the noise, does it make a howling noise when driving?

Brakes are brand new. (6000 miles ago). Tire new and recent alignment. No howling sound that I hear when driving

Sep 30, 2013.
A hub bearing would create a sound when you are moving. The only thing I can think of without being there is the brake sensor. Check to see if it is bent and rubbing the rotor.