2007 Chevrolet Cobalt • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 102,000 miles

I have a 2007 chevy colbalt that wants to stall in cold weather when I come to a stop. Finally the check engine light came on and I connected a pocket scanner. It said problen is mass air flow sensor low input and pedal/ throttle position sensor low input. Does this mean these two items need to be replaced or is something else causing low input? Thanks. Glen
December 7, 2010.

What are the EXACT trouble codes?
Sometmes trouble codes are present due to wiring or other faults so the exact trouble codes are needed to get the correct diagnostic procedures.

Dec 10, 2010.
Since problem is only occurring intermittently and affected by weather, it could be a loose connection somewhere. Unplug the MAF connectors and check the terminals for signs of oxidation or corrosion.

The same applies to the TPS connectors.

Clean and tightern if necessary and reconnect to test.

Dec 13, 2010.
Did as you said, also cleaned throttle body as per instructions I saw on this sight. And cleaned pvc hose and port, was mighty oily. We'll see how things go when temperature drops again. Thanks again.

Dec 16, 2010.
Hope it works.

Good luck and have a nice day.

Dec 16, 2010.