Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement MAF

Step by step guide on how to replace an automotive mass air flow sensor, this information pertains to most vehicles though applications may vary.

Difficulty Scale: 2 of 10

Begin with the vehicle on level ground, parking brake on, engine off.

Step 1 - When replacing a mass air flow sensor, first locate the sensor which is positioned in the air intake tube between the air filter housing and throttle body.

Mass Air Flow Sensor

Step 2 - Release the safety clip and gently pull the connector from the sensor.

Remove Electrical Connector

Step 3 - A clamp is used to attach the sensor to the air intake tube, use a screwdriver or small socket and loosen the clamp.

Loosen or Remove Clamp

Step 4 - Next, undo the inlet clip on both sides. There are many methods of holding the MAF in place, the principle is the same.

Undo Mounting Clips

Step 5 - Once all mounting clips or bolts have been undone, lift the sensor and remove it from the engine bay.

Remove Mass Air Flow Sensor


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Article first published (Updated 2014-07-22)