2006 Hyundai Tuscon • 72,200 miles

2006 Hyundai Tucson had timing belt and water pump relaced 2 weeks ago at 72200 miles. Since it has run kind of rough. Today it ran real rough with rpm surging, check engine light and 4 wheel drive light both came on. It is like the engine is surging, then slowing back. Engine dies as you stop. I'm leery to go back to the shop that did the work. Help.
August 18, 2012.

Take it back. It could be a vacuum leak, hose off or the belt is off a tooth.

Find the code as well and get back to us


Aug 18, 2012.
Thank you Roy. Is it safe to drive back? I live 10 miles from the shop. Shopkeepers

Is it only an issue when you stop?

How did it run when you picked it up?


Aug 19, 2012.
It ran poorly, so I took it right back. They said, "Oops, we didn't connect the airflow sensor." They reconnected that and it was much better, although not as smooth and quiet as when I took it in originally. It has been getting worse and as I said, today everything seemed toquit working. Of course they weren't open today, so I limped it home. It is scary to drive right now.

They will have to check it over again, having the air flow sensor disconnected would not do any damage in it self, but they may have left something else loose or disconnected as well.

Aug 19, 2012.