2006 Ford Mustang • 65,000 miles

Ok so I am facing a problem. I have a 2006 Mustand 4.0 v6 SOHC.
First off I was in a parking lot and my car got plowed in the the front (only damage is a destroyed bumper). Since that moment. My car has been stuck in Neutral. It will not shift gears, Now if the car is off, I can freely move the shifter, (if I shift into first while car if off, than start the car. It will go, But wont shift into any other gear once started. Once car is started, it will not move out of neutral (or whatever gear it is placed in). It also seems that their is almost no pressure to the clutch pedal. If I try to force it I can tell it wants to grab. Now I know their is 2 censors for the clutch, I'm wondering if when the car was hit, it shut down one of those censors, not allowing any clutch fluid to be released. If you have any more questions, please ask, and if you know anything please answer.
Thank you.
March 23, 2013.

In the pic you'll see the two switches, the double arrow is for cruise control the sngle is clutch pedal position. The cpp may need adjusting or replaced due to being hit while parked. It's also possible that the trans was damaged due to the hit while parked. This can be anything from bent shift rods to damage inside the trans. This shold be checked out further by a pro.

Mar 23, 2013.
Forgot the pic sorry

Mar 23, 2013.