2006 Fiat Doblo • 82,000 miles

Hi I bought a fiat doblo carg van 56 plate from a dealer, and picked it up last saturday, I drove it home 10 miles and then parked at the house I then found a big black oil spill underneath, I moved the car to another spot and another oil leak appeared, the breaks were grinding also, I told the dealer and he said he would have a look at it, he put new pads and disks on it for me and said the oil leak was something to do with the auring? So got a part and said it was fixed, I picked up the van this morning and the same thing happened again but with clean oil this time, it was not residue or drops but quite a lot, I have took photos of the spills also, I kn ow have to take it back again: ( and will probably have to wait another week until I get it back? The dealer gave me a 1 month parts and warrenty with the van, will I be able to ask for a new warranty for a month when it is fixed as I have not even driven it yet, just home and back to the garage twice, also he gave me van with 12 months mot, how can they pass the van with these faults? Should I contact vosa? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks stewart
September 10, 2011.

I don't know where you are located; however, where I live, the dealer must inspect and safety check any vehicle that is sold. The oil issue sounds like it could be a major problem. Therefore, I would give them one more chance to fix it. Tell them that if they don't fix the problem, you want your money back. I feel then they will fix it. If they don't, then demand your money back. If they refuse, seek legal advice.

Thanks jacobandnickolas, I live just outside edinburgh 10 miles, and bought the van from a dealer based in edinburgh, their website says they have been established for 30 years and they do mots, sales etc, they were advertising through autotrader, thanks for your advice, that was what I was thinking, 3 strikes and you are out sort of thing, the dealer says he has driven it and had no problems and says I can come in and see it on the ramp? Which I think is a bit cheeky as I am not an expert, thanks for advice, much appreciated stewart.

Sep 10, 2011.
Glad to help. I hope I helped in some way.

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