2005 Pontiac Grand Am • 166 miles

I'm going to replace the radiator in a 05 Grand AM, 3.4L
I read that the radiator/condenser and fan all come out together thru the bottom.
Is this true or can I cheat and remove it without disconnecting a/c?

If true then,
I need to disconnect the lines at the condenser and im not sure how they come apart. It doesnt have the traditional fitting on the line, it has a nut and then a star head bolt. My question is, do I remove the nut first, then the star head bolt? I know it sounds stupid, just want to ask before I do it so I dont damage it.
Also, does it have the traditional o ring or is there a different gasket I need to get?

Yes, i'm getting the refrigerant recovered first?

And, I figure to lose only about a 1/2 qt of trans fluid, can I just add that thru the red cap at the top or do I need to jump thru all the hoops and use the fill hole on the side?

Sum up
1)How to disconnect lines at condenser?
2)what type gasket or oring is used?
3)how to add trans fluid?

Thanks in advance for any and all info

Joe DD
March 5, 2012.

It should be a pad mount held on by a bolt or nut with an "O" ring or sealing gasket sealing it.

Mar 5, 2012.
Appreciate the attempt at helping me, I really do.
But with all do respect, how did that clear anything up?
I asked if it has an o ring or gasket and you told me it has an oring or gasket.I know that much but which one?

It has a nut and also a bolt. Do I just remove the nut or nut first then bolt. Looks like just nut, just want to be sure.

And can I just add some trans fluid in the small amount I lost without having to go thru the BS of jacking it up level, taking out the plug, etc etc etc

Again, no disrespect intended, just need a more clearer answer if anyone can.I know I asked a FREE question, sorry I m broke.

Joe DD
Mar 5, 2012.
With the knowledge you have about air conditioning, you really shouldn't be doing this at all. There are techniques and observations to assembling A/C components that need to be applied.

Mar 5, 2012.
Its not rocket science.I DO have complete knowledge of the workings of an A/C system.
Don't make assumptions about ones knowledge. From your half answer, I can make the same assumption about your knowledge. Gotta tell ya, not impressed.
I removed the nut and the line separated, no problem.
Replaced the ORINGS, lubed 'em with PAG oil, no problem.
R & R'd the Radiator, no problem.
I applied all techniques and observations while doing this, I might add.
Topped off the transmision fluid with the approx amount lost, no problem.
Took it back to the shop to have the system properly charged and they charged it using proper techniques and observations. My repair was fine, no leaks.
I worked on cars for many years, retired now. Havent ran across this type before, thats why I inquired, didnt think i'd get this sorta half answer from a quality site like this.
Next time if you're not sure yourself, please dont answer, leave it for someone else.

Have a nice day!


Joe DD
Mar 6, 2012.
Sure, whatever you say. I don't see much A/C work here in South Florida anyway.

Mar 6, 2012.