105,000 4X4

2005 Nissan Xterra • 105,000 miles

2005 Xterra 105,000 4x4

question 1:
While im driving at any cruising speed the truck would run fine, the second there was any incline it would sputter/shake. Now it does it at any cruising speed regardless if the street is inclined or level.

question 2: After the check engine light came on from what I thought was a result of question 1, I took it in and they said a catylitic converter was bad so I paid to have it replaced. Now my cruise control does not work. And it still sputter/shakes constantly when cruising.

(MOST IMPORTANT)question 3:
I woke up, drove my truck to work, parked it and when I was leaving got in turned the key, battery turned on. Radio, lights, power windows everything. Turned the key and nothing. No sound no anything. Got a jump from a buddy, still nothing. Switched out the battery from another nissan Xterra. Still nothing. Im fricken lost on this. Called the dealership and asked if it could be the anti theft system locked me out and they said that it would still turn over if that was the case and they have no idea either. Please help.
July 11, 2012.

For question 3 check the 3 things I have in arrowsthey are fusible links and can burn up causing your problem. Also check the relay. I am assuming this is an automatic. For ques2 check your fuel pressure it should be 51 psi at idle or close to it with the key on. If you get it to turn over and start then check it.

Jul 11, 2012.
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Jul 11, 2012.