2005 Honda Accord • 88,000 miles

Earlier today after refueling my honda started idling rough and when stopping at a red light seemed as if it was going to cut off but didnt, the problem would disapper when speading up, it disappeared entirely after driving home but I noticed that the emmision control light was on, I cut the car off and started it again and the light stayed on. I opened the gas port and thightened the gas cap 4 clicks and the light went off. Im puzzled at this point. Did that fix it or should I drive it to see if it comes back on.
January 16, 2013.

If the light stays off, you may have just left the cap loose. And yes, that will set the light. If it comes back on, have the computer scanned for trouble codes. Most parts stores will do it for free.

-Have the computer scanned for code/s start here-could be a problem within the evaporative emission control system-

Jan 17, 2013.