2004 Toyota Camry • 179,000 miles

I would like to know the location of the fuel filter on a toyota camry SE with the 2.4L engine. Also, would a dirty filter cause a " #3 misfire" code to show up on tester? Engine began running rough couple days after putting 1/2 tank of gas into it which was siphoned from another vehicle we were dropping th efuel tank on to change fuel pump. Spark plugs have been replaced [ iridium plugs ] but problem still exists
Deane fox
June 15, 2013.

No fuel filter will not cause this. The tank does not have to be dropped. You can access from under the back seat.

Fuel filter is on drivers front under the hood down low by the left front tire. Toyota does not reccomend replacement of the filter.


Jun 15, 2013.