2004 Kia Sorento • 32,488 miles

Instrument panel lights don't work at all. Outside headlights etc Lights are all ok. But nothing in the dark for instrument panel. After market radio installed past summer, other than that nothing dash related. It blows the instrument panel fuse as fast as I can install them. Dome light works only when door is open. The wheel adjuster has no effect. Dealer didn't fix on first visit. Is this something only he can fix?
Scarlet 006
October 23, 2013.

Did you have a issue after having the radio replacement? What is the Fuse labeled on the fuse box that keeps blowing and what is it's amperage (10a 20a). Answer back so I can narrow down the circuits applicable. It looks like you have a short circuit causing the fuse to blow.
Is just the instrument cluster not illuminating or everything on the dashboard completely out (cigarette outlet, air conditioning, rear defroster, clock, hazard switch etc). TY

Ty Anderson
Oct 23, 2013.
The fuse is labeled illumi. It's a 10 amp. All other lights and controls work fine. It will also blow 20amp fuse. May have to take it back to radio installer. Thinking they tapped into dash lights, since radio dial lights up, but not instrument (speedo, tach, fuel gauges) etc don't light up.

Scarlet 006
Oct 27, 2013.
After looking up fuse identification I've found this fuse labeld "illumi" protects the ignition key hole illumination so you may want to remove some trim panels to see if you see any loose wires or pinched wires.
Have you check both fuse boxes(under the hood and behind the driver side kick panel)?

Ty Anderson
Oct 29, 2013.