2004 Kia Sorento

2004 Kia Sorento 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 36000 miles

I have an 04 KIA Sorento, When I try to put gas in it, it spews it back out like spewing water out of your mouth. The check engine light is on. It shows oxygen sensor on computer. The engine is off while fueling. Thanks for any help.
October 21, 2010.

Does it take any fuel at all before this happens?

No it will not take any gas at all. I never had this problem before until yesterday 10-21-10. I talked to the dealer today and they said it has a vent filter. Its ether that or several other problems. I still need help.

Oct 22, 2010.
There is a vent, but it should take fuel at least slowly. If it takes none, craw under the vehicle and check the filler tube to see if there is anything damaged. There is a vent tube that runs along side of it too. See if something has damaged it. Also, see if you can get anything (small plast hose) to push down through the filler neck into the tank. Something has to be blocking it.

Let me know what you find.


Well today I crawled under it and found the filler hose and found nothing wrong, I did not see a vent tube I will look for that tomorrow. I did push a small tube down the fill tube and it went 34 inches. I did it again and it went 42 inches. That is as far as it will go, I also tried pouring gas real slow from a gaqs can and that did not work. My Uncle just called, he found on another site and that is the problem, I just need to find the vent pipe. Thanks Joe for all your help. I will keep you posted.

Oct 23, 2010.
Check on the tank too. There could be a oneway valve for venting. Let me know what you find.

Well I worked on it for four hours today'still can not put gas in it. Time to trade. Thanks for your help Joe.

Oct 24, 2010.
Don't trade it yet. I did more research for you. Here is a diagram of the entire system.

Here is a picture of the venting system:

Okay, here we go... I hope you have some time because there is a lot to say. First, the on-board refueling vapor recovery (ORVR) is designed to prevent vapors (HC) from escaping during refueling. The system consist or a (fill vent valve), fuel shut off valve, fuel cut valve (in case of roll over), two way valve... the list contunues. Thank god I don't have to work on them everyday. When refueling, the flow draws air into the filler tube to prevent fumes from entering the air. The fuel vapor in the tank is then forced to flow into the canister fill vent valve and the fuel liquid / vapor seperator. The seperator is designed to only allow pure vapor to enter the carbon vapor canister. When you start the engine, the fumes from there are sent to the intake where they are burned.

Now, take a look at the schematics that I sent. You will see where everything I mentioned is located. My concern falls into two places, canister fill vent valve and the fuel liquid / vapor seperator. One of them has to be plugged or bad and not allowing the vapors to exit the tank to the canister. Thus, no fuel can enter. Locate the valves I mentioned and disconnect one at a time to see if it will take fuel. Whichever one allows fuel to enter, should be replaced.

Take a look and let me know what you find. Sorry I had to be so wordy, but this is a crazy system. Not typical in any way other than there are vents.


Joe, Thank you for all of your help, I still could not figure it out. I traded to day. Not another KIA. Thankis again.

Oct 26, 2010.
I was glad to help. I wish you could have found it, but I understand your frustration. Let us know if you have questions in the future and I wish you a lot of luck with the new one. What did you get?

I have the same problem, plus it stalls out while driving for no reason, seems to be a great issue but I cant find anyone who knows what to do. Spent many hours at workshop, and money they have no clue. This website shows there are many people in States with the issues, and the seem connected.

Any info would be really appreciated!

Nov 2, 2011.