2004 Honda Accord • 124,000 miles

I had my drivers side window cracked one day and it snowed. Unfortunately, some snow fell on my window/automatic lock buttons. Now I cannot lock my door using the automatic door locks on the drivers side or passengers side buttons. My remote wont lock them either. However, the same door buttons work fine to unlock the doors and I can unlock my car remotely. I can lock all my doors at the same time by manually pressing the stem to lock or unlock your doors or of course manually going to each door and locking them. Anybody have any ideas what this problem might be? I suspect its the door actuator?
April 3, 2013.

It sounds like the key fob isn't working. Check the battery in it and check to see if it needs reprogrammed.

Check fuses 7-8 & 21 in fuse panel under dash first it may be the multiplex unit in the master door switch in drivers door. But check to see if power is going to actuator to verify if it's the actuator or not

Apr 3, 2013.