2004 Chevrolet Tahoe • V8 4WD Automatic • 100,000 miles

Can anybody provide instructions on how to replace the rear passenger area's temperature regulator? The heater works perfectly in the front part of the cab. Everything in back of the driver blows cold air. The A/C works perfectly. I have been told that I have a bad "Temperature Regulator"? Anybody with experience with this? I understand it is located in the trunk area of the SUV. The dealership wants 2 1/2 hours time to fix the problem plus $189 for the part. Thank you for any assistance if you have performed this type of repair in the past.
February 17, 2011.

Remove the right rear quarter trim panel.((( Trim Panel Replacement - Rear Quarter - Right (Utility)
Removal Procedure
Remove the rear seat..
Remove the Third Pillar trim panel.
Remove the garnish molding.

Remove the door sill plate.
Remove the quarter panel trim screws.
Remove the quarter panel trim from the vehicle.
Lift the quarter panel to release the quarter panel from the vehicle.))).
Disconnect the electrical connector from the auxiliary air temperature actuator.
Remove the retaining screws from the auxiliary air temperature actuator.
Remove the auxiliary air temperature actuator (1) from the rear auxiliary HVAC module

Feb 18, 2011.
Thank you for your answer. It looks like a lot of work, but not very technical. Would you agree? Also, where is the best location to find the exact GM Replacement part at the best price? I am looking for a "Auxiliary Air Temperature Actuator" correct?

Feb 18, 2011.
Dorman product
Check with your local part store supply if they carry it
Check and make sure both heater hoses hot before taking it apart
And if so actuator is to suspect
Not a technical job at all and can be done with patience

Feb 19, 2011.
BMRFIXIT you answerd my question 3 weeks ago regarding the Temp Actuator on a GMC Yukon Denali SUV replacement. WHen you refer to the quarterpanel, you are referrin to the internal trim and not the actual car quarter panel on the exterior correct. I am not finding the screws for the 3rd pillar to remove the interior plastic trim. Do you have any pictures you could email or send to me? Thanks. Glenn

Mar 18, 2011.