2003 Volvo XC90 • 7,200 miles

I have a 2003 volvo xc 90 6cyl awd and it is stuck in third gear wont down shift or shift up any ideas what that could. Mean/Checked fluid. Seemed low and more. Black than. Red
January 19, 2012.

Does the fluid smell burnt, my guess is yes. This prob is not going to be good. You can have the trans serviced and have it scanned for codes this will tell the problem. Thanks Billymac

Jan 19, 2012.
If the fluid is burnt then your transmission has an internal failure. Remove the transmission pan and inspect for clutch and metal debri. If there is metal or cluch debri you would need to replace the transmission, radiator, aux cooler, and cooler lines since replacing the transmission and flushing system can still cause some contamination and cause the transmission to break down early. Call Volvo to see if they will assist you with some sort of goodwill or some other form of participation? They may or may not help but it does not hurt to ask? If you are a loyal Volvo customer and have all your services and repairs done at the dealership they normally step up and help. Good luck and keep us posted please.

Jan 20, 2012.