2003 Saturn L300 • 133,000 miles

The serpatine belt went out on my car. Took car to Pepboys. They ended up changing the block to the engine. Ever since got my car back my heater has not worked and Pepboys refuses to look at it. Is there something they could have done when changing the block like not hooking up the hoses properly or putting the hoses in backward or ect.I had even changed the thermastat twice just to make sure it wasn't it and it didn't help the heater. It blows so I know it's not the motor. It just blows cold air. Please help. Thanks
December 5, 2011.

Why did they change the engine just for a thrown belt? Did you drive too far and blow head gaskets?

Yes, there should be 2 hoses leading from the engine to the bulkhead for the heater core. Check those, both to be sure they're there and hot when the engine is hot. Move the temperature control around and observe the actuator cables and listen for the blend doors moving. Check any vacuum lines to the airbox.

Next, check your white pages for your state's Bureau of Automotive Repair and report that store to them. Next, contact Pepboys directly, not the store. Lastly, lodge a complaint with the BBB.

Dec 5, 2011.
Just to add to this one I have seen the temp control cable end come off the temp control **** on the back side of the control ****. Its easy to pop out the controls if both the heater hoses are hot I would check to see if it came off.

Dec 5, 2011.
Actually the cable housing hold down that is molded on the cable that snaps into the control assembly pops out of its channel.

Dec 5, 2011.